Environment and Safety

EHS management system

HANA Materials is establishing EHS management system by setting EHS goals through company-wide decision making process and monitoring them periodically to realize sustainable management.


Set EHS management principle

Set EHS annual plan and KPIs

Risk assessment

Environmental effect assessment


Periodical safety patrol

Hold EHS meetings

EHS education and emergency response training

Permit-to-work and inspection

Change management

EHS operation management

Safety management over subcontractors and operation of safety council

Chemical substances association agreement

Communication and document management


Internal audit and audit by customer

EHS monitoring and performance management

Compliance assessment and the third party audit


Inspection on the issue and follow-ups with the measures for improvement

Accident statistics management and implementation of the countermeasures

Corrective action on EHS non-conformities

Managerial review

Legal compliance and regulation response

Legal compliance

HANA Materials finds and manages the requests of the regulatory bodies and stakeholders relevant to EHS.




Compliance with Air /Water quality/Waste /Chemical substance management law, etc.

Safety / Health

Compliance with the laws related to safety and health such as Occupational Safety and Health Act / Act On the Safety Control of Hazardous Substances, etc.


Compliance with ISO14001, customers’ satisfaction on their needs

Internal and external auditing system

We are running internal and external auditing systems to check the efficient implementation of the system and the compliance with relevant laws, specifications, and internal standards.


evaluation institute


ISO 14001 / 45001


once / year

화학사고 예방관리계획서

National Institute of Chemical Safety

once / 3year


omestic and global customers

once / year

Continuous improvement on environment

Waste water management

HANA Materials manages the waste water through thorough monitoring to reduce the discharge of water pollutants. We comply with the waste water discharge standard and endeavor in various ways such as periodic water pollutants measurement by plant, used-water recycling, and tightening the water pollutant management. to minimize the environmental impact from waste water.

Air quality management

HANA Materials continuously makes efforts to decrease the emission of air pollutants. Not only swiftly responding to tightened air environment regulations, but we are also implementing various improvement activities through continuous environmental monitoring, dust filtering collector operation and low-NOx burner installation to minimize the impact on air environment from the emission of air pollutants.

By-products management

HANA Materials minimizes by-products through recycling, etc. to minimize the impact on the environment due to the by-products generated, and operates management standards on storage, transport, and treatment for the efficient treatment of the by-products generated. Additionally, we store and transfer them according to the management standards by each type of by-product, and strictly manage the waste treatment contractor to treat them in a legal manner.

Safe and healthy culture Establishment

Enhance employees’ safety awareness

We proceed various EHS education programs to improve the awareness of employees on environment, safety and health. We conduct periodic education every single month to make sure all employees are aware of the main contents of EHS. In addition, we provide guest lectures and audio/video training programs to enhance effects of learning.

Education programs


· New employee education

· Desk employees

· Special safety and health education

· Special workers, Gas/Hazardous substances/Fire safety/Chemical substances related workers

· Periodic safety and health education

· managers and supervisors

· Education for managers and supervisors

· newly joined employees

· Education for partner companies

· partner companies’ employees

· Education for designated competent person

· Chemical substances education (Handlers/employees)

· Working contents modification education

· MSDS education

· Fork lift education

Emergency response training

HANA Materials established an emergency committee and conducts emergency response training to foster disaster management specialists and fully know the procedure in an emergency situation.


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