HANA Materials clearly recognizes the requests and expectations of global stakeholders about ensuring the transparent governance, protects company’s core values such as professionality, independence, and transparency as well as shareholder’s rights and interests, and secures the sustainable value growth through board-focused responsible management process.

Composition and Operation of Board of Directors

HANA Materials thoroughly abides by operation regulations of the Board of Directors, performs checks and monitoring duties, and promotes continuous value growth including protection of core values of the company and the rights and interests of shareholders through a responsible management process.

Fair Competition and Trade

In conducting business activities, HANA Materials complies with all global laws and regulations and secures transparent and fair competitiveness.
All transactions are free competition with transparent and equal opportunities given for participation, and we build mutual trust and cooperative relations based on fairness.

Attitude of the members in HANA Materials (HANA Materials Staff)

With the belief of honesty and fairness, HANA Materials executives and staff members seek to establish righteous values and complete the mission through continuous self-development and fair job performance.
In accordance with the human-centered value management policy, HANA Materials respects all executives and staff members, treats them fairly based on their competence and achievements, and actively supports them for mutual growth.
HANA Materials pursues sustainable corporate value growth, protects the interests of shareholders and customers, and contributes to a happy and warm life and social development.