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Fine Ceramics are mineral products shaped, plasticized, and processed through control/synthesis fit to the objective, using the purified ingredient to maximally realize the innate and unique functions of ceramic materials – electrical functions (electromagnetic, semiconducting, piezoelectric, etc.), mechanical functions (high strength, corrosion resistance, etc.) and chemical functions (corrosion resistance, catalyst properties, catalyst carrier properties).

Fine ceramics are excellent materials that are harder but lighter than metals with strong corrosion resistance, making them endure various environmental conditions and high temperature. In addition, it is stronger and harder material with high heat resistance than any polymer materials.

Aluminum Nitride


AlN is non-oxide ceramic, has high thermal conductivity similar to metal.
Insulator, Low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion), high corrosion resistance


Dry etcher and CVD for semiconductor process
LED substrate & heat sink

Aluminum Oxide


High pure Al2O3 normally has above 99.5% of purity and include fine grains (~< 1um) above 80%.
High pure Al2O3 has high mechanical hardness, wear resistance, thermal resistance, and insulation properties.


Dry etcher and CVD for semiconductor process


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