Be original

Challenging and creative talent,

you are the protagonist of HANA Materials.

Human Resources System

Challenging and creative, you are the right person to lead HANA Materials.

HR rules

Systematically foster employees from a mid to long-term perspective.

Operate a competency improvement system for each job
Provide regular educational opportunities

Provide fair evaluation and compensation.

Operate a differentiated compensation system
Differential rewards based on performance.

Opportunities are provided for talents who challenge themselves

Operation of ‘Work and Study’ program based on the agreement with colleges (acquisition of a bachelor's degree)
Competency development through various educational opportunities

Educational system

Compensation and promotion

Salary system

Annual salary system: Differential compensation based on personnel evaluation.
Monthly salary system: Special promotion operation based on personnel evaluation.

Hierarchical structure

The promotion system is operated under the promotion point system based on evaluation, and the following years for each level is can be referrted to as the standard.
he length of time for each level may change depending on the results of the personnel evaluation.


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