Code of Ethics

HANA Materials shares the belief of creating future values by becoming one with customers along with family-like work environment with the human-oriented management and promotes autonomous management based on autonomy and responsibility.


Value creation for customer satisfaction is the No. 1 principle.

HANA Materials respects customers' opinions and constantly creates future value to provide the values they need.


HANA Materials realizes a corporate culture trusted by customers.

With the pride of the HANA staff, HANA Materials aims to be a great company trusted by fair competition and the best quality.


HANA Materials realizes the business ethics policy contributing to human society.

HANA Materials contributes to national and social development through job creation and clean environment preservation.

Policy of Ethical Management

HANA Materials respects the orders in free-market economy that aims for fair and good competition; seeks common interests of all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation; establishes an ethical management policy as the standard of righteous behavior and values for all executives and staff members to follow; and commits to comply with the policy in order to become the globally-renowned corporation.

Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

ANA Materials secures unconditional trust from customers by continuously creating future values as a company with customers under the belief that it respects customers' opinions and trust as the top priority and the cornerstone of securing corporate competitiveness.

Respecting Customer

HANA Materials always listens to customers' opinions and respects their genuine needs.

Creating and providing value

HANA Materials strives to provide value based on the idea that the development of the customers is the development of the company.

HANA Materials recognizes the role in customer satisfaction and continues to create true value for our customers.

HANA Materials only tells the truth to customers and always keeps promises to the customers.

HANA Materials provides the highest quality products and services at reasonable prices to customers and responds swiftly and accurately to customers' reasonable requests.

Fair competition and trade

HANA Materials complies with domestic and overseas laws and regulations in conducting business activities and secures competitiveness through transparent and fair business activities. All transactions are conducted based on the principle of free competition while equal opportunities for participation are guaranteed, and mutual trust and cooperation are established through transparent and fair trade.

Pursuit of free competition

In accordance with the principle of free competition, HANA Materials respects the order of the market economy and secures customer trust by providing the best products and services. HANA Materials competes fairly in good-faith with the genuine ability and does not infringe on the competitors' interests or takes advantage of their weaknesses.

Compliance with laws

All business activities at home and abroad shall be conducted in compliance with all laws and regulations of the relevant country and respect for trade customs.

Equal opportunities and fair trade procedures

HANA Materials provides equal opportunities to participate in trade and good-faith competition for trade to all companies that meet the requirements.

Registration and selection of business partners shall be conducted in a reasonable way based on objective and fair evaluation standards in a mutually equal position, undergoes sufficient consultations on transaction conditions and procedures, and does not involve in any forms of unfair conduct using a superior position.

Pursuing common interests

HANA Materials actively supports business partners with technical support and management guidance so that they can grow its competitiveness and shares the profits generated through innovation.

Basic ethics of executives and staff members

All executives and staff members establish the right values as HANA staff with the belief of honesty and fairness and complete their assigned missions through continuous self-development and fair job performance.

Basic Ethics

Having pride as HANA staff, executives and staff members always strive to establish high ethical values with an honest and fair attitude and maintain personal dignity and honor of HANA staff.

Pursuit of free competition

HANA Materials does its best to perform the assigned duties in a fair way and complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The members perform all duties honestly and fairly and always strive to create a sound corporate culture.


Through ceaseless self-development, the members strive to be consistent with the talents of the HANA staff.

Responsibility of all executives and staff members

HANA Materials respects all members with the basis of humanistic management policy, treats them fairly based on their abilities and achievements, and actively supports the creativity of the members.

Respect for People

HANA Materials treats each member as an independent person with mutual trust and affection for people. The members respect individual privacy and establish a mature organizational culture based on trust and understanding.

Fair Treatment and Promotion of Creative Thinking

Based on the ability and qualities of each member, equal opportunities are given and fair compensation is given with the fair standard for evaluation. HANA Materials creates a family-like work environment that encourages creative thinking and autonomous actions by executives and staff members.

Responsibility for nation and society

HANA Materials protects the interests of shareholders and customers by pursuing permanent corporate growth and contributes to the affluent life of the people and the development of society.

Protection of Shareholder and Customer Interests

By realizing reasonable profits through efficient management, HANA Materials faithfully protects the investment returns of shareholders and the operating profits of customers.

Contribution to Social Development

Contribute to national development by creating jobs and faithful payment of taxes, and contributing to social development through social culture and welfare projects.

Environmental Protection

HANA Materials does its best to prevent environmental pollution and protects nature for the preservation of a clean environment.

Additional rules

Article 1 [Implementing the Code of Ethics]

1) "Code of Ethics of HANA Materials” is enacted in order to establish specific standards for judgment on ethical issues that HANA Materials executives and staff members face in all business activities inside and outside the company and other related tasks that arise in the course of their duties.

2) As an internal consultation body, guidelines on issues and standards related to ethical management are decided through a director's meeting, and the HR Team is responsible for the working-level duties.

3) To actively respond to internal and external environmental changes, when adding or deleting provisions, the company-wide notice is shared with all executives and staff members.

Article 2 [Training of Code of Ethics and Practice Pledge]

1) All HANA Materials executives and staff members complete the training on the Code of Ethics to protect their honor as a member of HANA Materials and sign the pledge.


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